Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get all the time, hope they help!

🤗 Do we do medicated baths or clips?

Yes, if there is a prescribed shampoo or treatment required we are happy to do it if it is brought in with your pet.  If your  pet's Dr. requires a total clip for medical treatment and baths we will do that too.  This is Florida where nothing dies in the soil (spores, bacteria, fungus and yeast) and we see a lot of dogs with skin issues or infections.  Daily shampoo baths may be required with medicated shampoo.  That can prove to be challenging on thick coat or long hair dogs and may need to be clipped tight all over so that the medicated shampoo can reach the skin.  We are happy to accommodate you and your Dr.'s needs.

🤗 Do we brush teeth?

Yes we will brush your dog's teeth, just bring along his/her tooth brush and tooth paste for their visit.  However it is important to know that unless you brush your dog's teeth daily or at least 3-4 times weekly, having us brush them only at time of grooming is inadequate.  It is not in your pet's best interest for me to lead you to believe that it is healthy for their teeth and gums only brushing them at their grooming visit.  Just think if we only brushed our teeth monthly wouldn't that be a dentist's nightmare?  As a CVT nurse it is my responsibility to educate all of my clients that being proactive on daily (as many days as possible) brushing will keep your pet's mouth healthy.  We are happy to help teach you how to go through the training process, or to improve your chances of getting your pet to allow you to brush and make it a pleasurable routine.  We check the teeth, anal glands, and ears at every visit to keep you informed of any changes or potential problems.

🤗 Can I watch while you groom my pet?

Yes you are allowed to watch as long as your pet isn't distracted with your presence making it impossible to safely clip.  There are a lot of places to go hang out while your pet is being groomed right in our area.  Plus they can hang out in our play area after they are done and awaiting your return.

🤗 What age should I take my puppy in for it's first groom?

We recommend to start bringing them in at 12 weeks of age for a mini groom.  Having early exposure is important for them as they grow.  We go slow and gently scissors around feet, clean up their face and bottoms and trim the body.  This period is just to get them to learn to accept the activity with while young and the coat isn't matted or so long that it is a large job to clip.  Just like babies it should be in small increments and build a good foundation for a lifetime of Happy Grooms.