Grooming Service

Bath, hand blow dry, toe nails, Anal Glands checked and expressed if needed, Hair Cut and Styled

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Day Care

We have a nice large play area for your pet to come play while you go run errands, make appointments, or while you are at work

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Julie Skeen - Uptown Pup

certified veterinarian technician
My Philosophy: I will always have a "Hands On" approach to ensure any health issues like new lumps, teeth/gum, infected ears, or skin, will be brought to your attention on your pet's report card for your Veterinarian to address. Be assured that my groomers are caring and compassionate while handling your pet! Each one must be aware of anatomy to prevent soreness after grooming. They are proficient in all breeds and scissor finish all clips. Nails are filed after clipping.

We encourage individual instruction from YOU, the Owner, at the initial drop off to guarantee your satisfaction with each and every visit. Uptown Pup grooms with nothing to hide. All pets are groomed in an open environment for their comfort & your piece of mind.
You are welcome to watch, but for safety purposes we ask that you do not distract your precious pet. Of course we offer use of our large play area while you are shopping, going to the Doctor's office, or just want your baby to play.

We look forward to meeting You & Yours
Julie & Staff